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By: amirulhizad bahari

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Monday, 19-Jun-2006 08:02 Email | Share | | Bookmark

Dgn Iz, Ima dan baby nya
Aku dgn Sham masa Konvo. Dpt bear besar kau!!!
Pijan, Sham dan aku kt wedding daus
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Kawan kawan ku...

Monday, 15-May-2006 18:12 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Dedication to all my dear friends

I just love this pic, i dunno why...ngeh ngeh ngeh
Lepaking @Genting Starbucks, with Azhar, one of my bestest buddy
Salamz to all...

This fotopages is actually my little effort to fulfill all of my friend's request out there which always make me feel like i am so remembered, err not forgotten? hehehehe...

Anyway, thanks guys, if not because of you, i am too MALAS to start and do all this kinda stuff. But on second thought, it is good to realize on how i can easily keep track on my own personal progress be it in my personal life or career. Hmmm...tenkiu tenkiu... (sambil buat muka ngade rase nak lempang *piap*)

So, let me start fotopaging...but im so not promising even to myself that i will update this page on a daily or even weekly basis, it's good enough if i can do it regularly once a month, ngehehehe, the same "tragedy" that happened to my blogspot, but hey, i just posted a new posting over there, so for those who has been reading that crappy stuff all this while, you go visit the page and enjoy the boring story i typed out...but i have problem viewing it just now. Is the blogspot still exist or is that just a sign telling me that it's been ages since i last opened my blog? Ohh God, where have i been??!!! Org lain pon bz gak wei...

Anyway, ni percubaan jerk, so let me try to post one pic, if ok, i'll try to keep this fotopages updated gak kan if we can share one side of our life with friends whom we seldom have chance to meet up with, since everybody now busy with own career and not to say that they have all forgotten about us, but sometimes we ourselves just need to actually give some sort of indicator thet "I'M STIL ALIVE"...

Ok later...nak g cuci muka nak tido...

Btw, i am now at Tashkent, Uzbekistan...Zdrasvutchya!!!


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